Sunday, August 3, 2014

Girls' Day In

Approximately every other Sunday, Miles and Patrick go spend the day with friends. Patrick plays D&D while Miles plays with his best buddy, J.  Normally, I'd join, but the campaign they're currently playing is totally not my style of play.  Instead, Sam and I get a whole afternoon and evening to ourselves.

And I love it.

When I was pregnant with Sam, I worried about having time to spend with each of my kids individually.  Family time is important, but one-on-one time is just as much so.  These Sundays give me that time that Sam and I both need.  Time to bond as a mother and daughter.

Reading that, I'm sure you're picturing me doing her hair and painting her nails.  Because that's what people imagine for "mother-daughter" whatever.

It's much simpler than that.  We just do our thing, but with only the two of us.  I clean the house, but with only one kiddo underfoot.   She draws pictures, but without getting distracted by big brother.  We have dance parties that don't involve falling over or jumping off of things.  We read books (over and over and over...).

We exist in the same space.  Occasionally, we interact.  Because that is how our family works.  We're all independent humans, who like each other enough to spend time together.

Even Sam.