Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lounge Lizard

I know I promised pictures of the new place, and they are coming, just as soon as I have a moment to sort through them and find the good ones. :)

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share Miles' latest trick: lounging. I don't know why I find it so cute that he has bad posture, but there's something about the exasperated way he throws himself back until he is relaxed against whatever happens to be behind him. Whether it's a recliner:

Or just the back bar of the high chair at the Subway:

I think it's positively adorable. I love how he's becoming a little person. A person who gives hugs and kisses. A person who chatters at people on the phone. A person who lounges.

I fully expect to look back at this post in fifteen years and wonder exactly why I found this so adorable. By then, I will probably be incredibly exasperated by Miles' inability to sit up straight.

But for now, I will continue snapping pictures of him in all of his reclined glory. :)

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