Friday, October 22, 2010

Mmm . . . Autumn

I love Fall. The season, not the thing I do because I am far too klutzy for a grown woman.

As much as I love the heat of summer, and I am dreading the cold of winter, there is just so much about autumn to adore. Like Chai tea on a cool evening.

And little arms reaching through the sleeves of a light jacket when it's time to go to work. And tiny feet stomping dry leaves.

And the relief of being done with Festival for the year. The only thing that remains is to wrap everything up and put it to bed for the winter. I feel a hundred pounds lighter.

Or I did, until I remembered that we're moving tomorrow. I don't know how I forgot, since this is what our apartment currently looks like:

And though I abhor the process of moving, I rather adore the feeling of stepping into a brand new place, and unpacking each precious item, and finding it's place in our new home. I love the feeling of renewal, and the inevitable shedding of things that have been kept for far too long. The idea of simplifying, downsizing a tad. Of the opportunity to find order and organization from the chaos.

And I look forward to crisp autumn mornings, looking out over our new, large (and shared, unfortunately) back yard. To cool autumn evenings cuddled around our fireplace sipping hot cocoa and chai. To cuddling under blankets on the couch and reading while Miles naps upstairs in his very own room, lovingly decorated just for him. To filling our new home to the brim with love and laughter, family and friends, and memories.

And next autumn, when the leaves begin to turn again, perhaps we will be preparing to move into our own house.

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