Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Litany of Cuteness

Because I have a lot of cute things to tell you about, and no time for separate posts. :)

  • At lunch on Sunday, Patrick was telling Miles to blow on his chicken fingers to cool them.  Being Patrick, he started explaining that blowing on your food works because of something called forced convection, a physics concept.  Last night at dinner, Miles was blowing on his food.  Patrick said, "That's called forced convection."  Matter-of-factly, Miles said, "I know.  I use physics."
  • Every morning for weeks, Miles has woken up and asked for a popsicle for breakfast.  When I tell him no popsicles for breakfast, he sighs deeply and says, "Fine.  Chocolate cereal?" 
  • Miles adores giving kisses, but recently, instead of puckering, he makes a fish face and says, "Mmmmmmmm" (until he gets to you) "Waa!"
  • Last night at bedtime, I asked Miles if he wanted a baby brother or a baby sister - a girl baby or a boy baby.  He replied, "A girl baby brother that can stop a train."  Um, right. . .
  • Miles considers all juice to be "apple juice" and will ask for it as such.  Except this morning when it was actually regular apple juice.  Then, he asked specifically for "fruit juice."
  • His favorite new game is to sneak up behind the cat, then jump, throw his arms up and yell, "KITTY!" at the top of his voice.  Then, he giggles and says, "I scare kitty!"  For her part, Nikko is being really good and not clawing him to pieces.
  • Speaking of the cat, yesterday, she was sitting on the back of the couch and saw an inviting pile of blankets and pillows.  Being a cat, she oozed down, trying to land in the softness.  Instead, gravity took over and she fell face first into the pillow, scaring herself, then quickly learned that claws do little good in reverse, as she tried to move back up.  Of course, she looked highly offended when we laughed.

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