Monday, October 22, 2012


Friday, I had my 12-week ultrasound (though, really? I'm 13 weeks pregnant already).  It went beautifully.  The doctor and his assistant-lady were super sweet and kind.  See, this ultrasound is technically a screening for trisomy 13, 18, and 21 (21 being Down's Syndrome).  We won't mind if the baby has Down's, but it will change the way we plan for it, and that's why chose to do the testing.  At least, that's the logical, medical reason.

Honestly?  A big part of me just wanted to see the baby again. :)

Anyhow, preparing for the appointment, I thought back to my 12-week ultrasound with Miles.  And I laughed.  Because that was our first clue at the child he would become, and we were so completely clueless. We thought it was cute and funny how he bounced around so much that they couldn't get the measurements they needed for a full 45 minutes.  In fact, we loved it because it meant we got to watch our baby a little longer.  We had no idea that the frenetic energy he displayed that day would be so indicative of his personality - always on the go, never stopping, never even slowing down.

This ultrasound could not have been more different.

Right away, we saw Baby, relaxing, stretched out, almost lounging.  As the doctor began to get the measurements he needed, I watched and waited for Baby to start bouncing, or responding.  At one point, Baby began to roll a bit to one side, and I thought, "Here it comes!"  But, no.  It was just a stretch, and Baby quickly returned to it's lounging position.  A few minutes in, Baby's foot kicked four or five times, lazily, and once, toward the end, Baby's hand raised and waved, as if to say, "Hi, Mom and Dad.  It's cool in here.  Peace."  Other than that, Baby just laid there, quiet and chill.  And within ten minutes, it was all over, having gone as smoothly as possible.

Patrick and I talked on the way home, wondering if this, too, may be indicative of Baby's personality.  If so, the laid-back calm will be a welcome balance to Miles and his wild tornado-like qualities.  Also?  It means that once again, everything will be new.  And that alone makes it exciting.

Oh, and we found out that we have a really low chance of having a child with Down's.  So, yay for that, too!

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