Saturday, March 9, 2013

Photo Round-Up

We've been busy, and I've been tired, thus the lack of updates.  I have, however, been taking lots of pictures of our adventures.  Here are some of my favorites. :)

He's such an angel when he's sleeping. :)

Playing trains at WonderScope with his friend Scarlette.

Playing swords with Emmett.

Playing dinosaurs on his awesome set-up from Aunt B & Uncle S.

Burying dinosaurs in dry beans and rice.

Miles-in-a-Box.  I swear he did this to himself. :)

Miles' snow castle, built on the kitchen table, to avoid the cold. :)

Miles the Bandit.

"I eated my snowman." A few minutes later: "I burped! I burped my snowman."

Playing at Toddler Gym.

Playing cars. :)
Love this kid. :)

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  1. Missing my boy! Missing you, too! I wanna go back to Wonderscope!!! Hugs to all!