Thursday, April 11, 2013


I hate the weather.

I hate that it has such complete control over my mood right now.

I hate that for the first half of the week, it was sunny and bright and warm, and I felt fantastic and capable and awake.

I hate that now it's cold and dreary and overcast, and I feel exhausted and unmotivated and just plain tired.

I hate that I saw snowflakes this morning.

I hate that I have gone from sweating with the windows open to freezing with the heater on in a matter of two days.

And I especially hate that I'm losing my sense of humor about it.  No more cracks about Mother Nature needing some help for her mental disorder.  No more silliness about "only in the midwest".  Nope.  Now, I'm just grumpy and over it. [dramatic fake-swoon]


  1. In a few weeks this weather and this mood will both be behind you... You'll have a perfectly beautiful li'l girl to hold and comfort you through it all. Can't wait to meet Miss Samantha... and in the mean time... try and stay positive... (PS. I changed my mind, again, and I will be up there... Olivia will be watched by aunt Gina.. but, I will still be there..) Love you guys!

  2. Fainting couch for dramatic fake swoon!

    ... aim well, the lad keeps moving it to make forts.

  3. I think everyone is tired of the weather! I wish it would just do one thing or the other and get over with it! Love you!