Sunday, April 14, 2013

Patrick wins the award

For Best Husband & Father ever.

If you haven't been keeping up, I'm pretty much a whiny, pregnant mess.  I ache all day, and whine about it at every opportunity.  Simple tasks are exhausting, and . . . yeah.  You get the idea.

And Patrick - well, he has made the whole thing bearable.

Every morning, Patrick gets up and goes to the office and works his ass off to make sure we can pay the bills and eat and whatnot.  He comes home from a long, stressful day, and is often greeted by a cranky wife and a wired preschooler.  Most nights, he offers to make dinner, and (I hate to admit) I let him more often than not.

After dinner, he makes me a cup of cocoa, and then takes over child-entertaining almost exclusively until bedtime.  He does bath, because it's uncomfortable for me to sit in the bathroom.  He does bedtime because it's almost impossible for me to get up off the floor next to Miles' bed.  He does all of this without complaint, and indeed with more enthusiasm and fun than I can say.  Where he gets the energy, I'll never know.

After Miles is in bed, Patrick comes to make sure I'm comfortable for the night.  If I need a shower, Patrick will set up a stool in the tub for me, so I can enjoy the warm water a little longer.  While I'm showering, he fluffs the bed - which he has softened considerably by adding layers of comforters under the fitted sheets.  If it's cold, he'll take a hair dryer and warm the sheets to keep me from freezing.  Most nights, he rubs my back or my feet, trying to make me as comfortable as possible, so I can sleep.

Once I'm finally settled, he starts in on the chores, and the paperwork - doing laundry and paying bills until what must become the wee hours of the morning.  With all he does, I know he can't be getting more than a few hours of sleep a night.  Yet, he never complains.  He's rarely cranky.

Instead, he's ever-selfless.  Completely amazing.

(And probably completely embarrassed by this post. Love you, Honey!)


  1. This actually made me cry, Granted i am sick. But what an amazing man and a wonderful wife for recognizing it - nicci

  2. You, and he, are both very lucky people. He is the epitome of a good father and from the sounds of it, a great husband. Gives me hope that there are still good guys out there. However, he is lucky to have such a caring, loving wife who is a great mother regardless of how hard things get. Don't ever forget that. You are lucky to have each other!

  3. You are lucky indeed to have such a loving, caring husband and father for your children. You guys are, and always have been, great for each support each other in each's tough Tami are also very wonderful for him and he definitely recognizes that...keep that love you have for each other for always...