Thursday, July 25, 2013


The dreaded summer cold hit our house this week.  And it hit me hard.  I spent most of yesterday in a haze, functioning only through the miracle of Day-Quil.

Luckily, I have awesome kids.

Miles quietly played and watched tv.  If I had a coughing fit, he'd come pat me on the back and say, "It be okay, Mommy.  It be okay."

Samantha wanted nothing more than to cuddle most of the day, smiling up at me from time to time.

It was a long day, but my babies made it so much better.

And the good news is that we all appear to be on the mend today.  After a good night's sleep (thank you, Ny-Quil), I feel a ton better.  Still congested and achy, but I'll take it. :)

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