Monday, September 12, 2011

Because of You

One of the worst things about PPA (and, I'm sure, many other types of disorders) is how easy it can be for people to bring me down.  All it takes is an ill-timed comment, or a thoughtless response to make me want to curl in a ball and ignore the world for awhile, as I try not to wonder why nobody likes me.

Seriously, that's what it's like.  Most days, people can say anything they want, and I am fine.  I let it roll off my back like rain off a duck's back.  I assume that they are having a bad day, or try to see their point of view, and try not to be offended.

But some days, a comment strikes a nerve.  Something that wouldn't bother me any other time suddenly makes me question everything I do.  Today, it was an off-hand rant made on Facebook that made me want to cry.  I felt like giving up, and crawled into bed.

Hours later, I found words of encouragement and love from my extensive network of family and friends, each letting me know that I would be okay.  Each offered me hugs, and support, and perhaps most importantly, simply reminded me of all of my many blessings.

To each of you, to all of my cheerleaders, and supporters, and purveyors of hugs and love, thank you.  You are the reasons I will not allow myself to be ruled by this disorder.  I will fight it, and I will win.

Because of you.

1 comment:

  1. There once was a young lady named Tabitha
    Who had some trouble with her disorder
    She found out that someone was listening
    When the world seemed to be out for a fight
    She reclused into her own little world
    Only to find that she did not like it
    And so Tabitha came out and fought
    So as to slay the dragon of discontent
    Later she would accept all that she is
    And thank her many friends... and family
    Then wonder why somebody wrote a poem to honor
    Which did not rhyme a single paragraph!

    Love you Tab, Daddy