Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily Routine - 23 Months

Just before the opening of our Festival.

7:00 AM - Drag my butt out of bed in an attempt to brush my teeth before Miles wakes up.
7:15ish AM - Miles wakes up.  Change diaper.  Quiet time in bedroom for a few minutes.
7:30ish AM - Downstairs for breakfast (for Miles) and coffee (for Mommy).
8:00 AM - Get Mommy and Miles dressed and ready for the day.
8:30 AM - Linda picks up Miles, Mommy heads off to work.  If Mommy doesn't work, we bum around in our PJ's a little longer and watch "Em-mo!" [Elmo]
9:00 AM - If Mommy is working, Miles is running errands with Linda.  If Mommy is home, Miles and Mommy go do something fun - visit the dog park, or a museum, etc.
12:00ish - Nap for Miles.  Mommy keeps going.  After nap, lots of playtime.
5:30 - Linda drops Miles back at home.  Mommy continues to work.
7:00ish - Mommy gets home, plays with Miles, finds time to eat.
8:30 - Bedtime for Miles. Mommy works/plays until she drops.

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