Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Effing Ear Infections. . .

So, remember . . . what? Three weeks ago?  When Miles had a double ear infection.  And I took him to the doctor, and he took antibiotics, and all was well.

Until the meds were out of his system.  Then, his symptoms, which had never completely gone away, began to get worse again.  Still, it was just a cough and a runny nose, so I sent him to school as per normal.

At noon, I got my first "your kid is sick" call from a school. :(

His teacher said the cough and runny nose didn't worry her, but he wasn't "acting like himself".  I adore his teacher, and trust her instincts when it comes to my kid.  She is right more times than not.  So, before I even picked him up, I called the doctor, and grabbed up the first appointment they had.

When I picked him up, I had a moment of doubt.  He came running out of the classroom, all smiles and energy, and I thought, there's nothing wrong with this kid.  His behavior continued to be completely normal, but I kept the appointment.  I told you, I trust his teacher implicitly.  Besides, I thought, it won't hurt anything to check.

I'm glad I trusted her.  His left ear is still infected.  And there were no signs beyond the cough and runny nose that are so common this time of year - and usually are nothing.  His behavior was never suspect.  He had trouble sleeping off and on, but that's nothing out of the ordinary for him, either.  His energy levels never dropped.  He was a bit more clingy, in retrospect, but I honestly attributed that to the fact that there's a baby coming, and he's beginning to understand, in some ways, that things are going to change.

In any case, the doctor prescribed another round of antibiotics - something a little stronger this time - and I'm under strict orders to bring him back in two weeks, no matter what.  If his ears are better, awesome.  If not, though, we have to start discussing the very real possibility of tubes.  And that makes me all itchy with worry, thinking about my baby having surgery.  Not to mention the precautions we'll have to take to protect those tubes - ear plugs in the water, and whatnot.  A selfish part of my brain thinks, "Why now?  Could this not have waited a year, when we're not also expecting a baby in 10 weeks?!?"

Mostly, though, I'm just sad that my poor boy is still sickly. :(

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