Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quiet Books, and Busy Bags, and Discovery Boxes, Oh, My!

I am loving Pinterest.  I just am.

In the last week, I have gotten SO MUCH INSPIRATION.*

Bethany and I are working on Quiet Books - cute, soft books full of quiet activities for wee ones.  So far, I've made pages for Noah's Ark, a Funny Face Monster, a Paint-Pallet with all the primary colors, a Dress-Up Boy, and a Mail Box with crayons and paper.  And as soon as I get hold of some black felt, I will finish up with a road and cars page.

The book is getting too thick.  I may have to make a second one. . . and a third. . .

That is, if I don't get distracted by Busy Bags.  Kinda like a quiet book page in a bag.  The difference is that you can do more three-dimensional things - like stringing noodles onto a shoelace, or pushing puff balls through holes in the lid of a container.  As soon as I can get it together, I am totally hosting a Busy Bag Swap with all my Mommy Friends.

Oh, and Discovery Boxes!  I can't remember which blog I found these on, but I LOVE them.  Basically, you fill a small box with something random: pipe cleaners and a spice shaker, for example.  Then, you hand it to the kid, and let him figure out what to do with it.  It's exploratory play at its best.  I've already put together two of these boxes, and will be doing more soon.

Well, as soon as I get my butt off of Pinterest. :)

*Yes, I know I'm screaming.  Trust me, that's how much inspiration.

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