Thursday, March 15, 2012

Water Play . . . in March?!?

I don't know what has gotten into Mother Nature this year, but I'm not complaining.  We spent all winter wearing light jackets and playing outdoors.

And now, in mid-March, it feels like early summer.  This morning, Miles and I played in the water.  Outside.  Comfortably.

And yes, we stripped his pants off after he soaked them - five minutes into our playtime.

Water brings out an entirely different side of my wild child.  When he's pouring  back and forth and splashing, he is quiet, focused, intense.  For 45 minutes today, he calmly sat in one place, intent on a single activity.  And Mommy got to bask in the sunshine, soaking in the warmth, and the wind, and the birdsong.

I am SO glad Mother Nature has been in such a good mood. :)

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