Monday, July 9, 2012

Litany of Cuteness

Because there can never be too many of these. :)
  • Miles has started to include Nikko, our cat, in his nightly round of hugs and kisses goodnight.  Last night, he kept trying to kiss her face.  When he finally succeeded, he grinned and said, "Thank you, Kitty!"
  • Pretend Play has begun in our house.  I love listening to him give voices to his knights and having them ask each other, "You okay?" "Yeah, I fine. You okay?" when they fall off their horses.
  • While watching his first fireworks show last week, he kept yelling, "Moom! Moom!" after each explosion.
  • He's full of random trivia to share, such as: "Horsies.  Horsies wear socks.  Horsies wear socks to ride the bus."  Um . . .good to know. . .?
  • Even though he's not feeling well, he keeps asking us "You okay, Mommy?"  "You okay, Daddy?"  It's sweet to see the empathy for others emerging already. :)
  • He's beginning to tell us stories of his days at dinner time.  They usually are a list of words that are relevant, with no connecting words, so it ends up sounding something like this: "Aunty Nino, Angel-bird, Shrek and Donkey, Cars fly! Rocket ships. Issy-bissy spider. San-wish. Juice. Horsie fight with sword."  It's pretty funny to listen to. :)

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  1. Awwwwwe love that kid. :) thanks for being such wonderful parents to him!