Friday, July 13, 2012

My Week

In case you're wondering why I haven't been around.

Miles is sick.  Double ear infection.  His first antibiotic caused bad diarrhea, which caused a ridiculous diaper rash.  So, we got to figure out a new antibiotic for him yesterday.

Our car died at the doctor's office on Monday.  Alternator had gone out.  In the process of fixing that, Patrick discovered that we needed a new radiator, too.  And then the battery died, too.  By yesterday, I was finally able to run errands that had been pending all week.

Patrick is now sick.  And since he took most of the week off work to fix the car, he's working sick, which always sucks.

My house is now a complete disaster because of all of the above.

Oh, and I got reamed on my mommy board on Wednesday over asking a question that was apparently politically incorrect to even ask.  Not a huge deal, in the great scheme of things, but it wasn't very nice, nonetheless.

Sigh. . .


  1. PC... screw that... Don't have the time to please everyone...