Saturday, August 10, 2013

10 by 31

Yesterday, I reviewed my 30 by 30 goals.  It wasn't an utter disaster, and I learned a lot.  That means, I'm ready to set myself some new challenges, and start down that road toward 31.  This time, though, I'm heading for smaller, shorter-term goals.  If I do this every year, I will have made (and hopefully met) 50 goals by 35, and 100 by 40.  This could be awesome. :)

  1. Read at least 10 books.
  2. Try out two new crafts.
  3. Learn how to effectively use my fancy schmancy camera in manual mode.
  4. Try 2 new foods.
  5. Practice my crochet regularly.
  6. Continue searching out new experiences for my children each month.
  7. Continue to de-clutter our home.  
  8. Create a mural or other art project to display in our new home.
  9. Try new activities - for me.  I have a tendency to shy away from new social situations, and thereby miss out on fun things.
  10. Start and maintain a garden.

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