Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Photos!

So, it's Saturday.  But whatever.  Here are some of the pictures from our trip to Denver.

Wind Farm in Western Kansas.  It was miles and miles of beautiful
windmills as far as the eye could see.  Gorgeous.

Watching TV is just as fascinating in Denver.

Mommy makes a good chair.

A beautiful pine cone at the park.

Aunt Gretchen is a superhero.  Perhaps her name will be
The Super Swinger.

Love those eyes.

And that expression.

Playing with Daddy.

One of the few pictures I have of the mountains.

Grandma LaDean's flower.

Licking the frosting with Daddy and Uncle Mike.

Chocolate goatee.

Watching airplanes.

Driving a fire truck at the Children's Museum.

Hanging with Uncle Mike.

Hanging with Aunt Gretchen.

Blowing bye-bye kisses to Grandma LaDean.

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