Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Miles Update

I know I haven't been updating very often lately, and when I have, it has mostly been about me.  So, here is an update all about Miles!

Some things he has been up to:

  • Hanging out with Linda while Mommy is at work.  They have been to various libraries, museums, and so many other places that Mommy can hardly keep up.
  • Hanging out with Mommy at home.  We're doing a whole lot of nothing around here.  Some TV, lots of playtime, even some reading cuddles.  Oh, and tons of dancing silliness.
  • Showing off for Grandpa Troy, Great-Grandpa, Aunt Tami, and Uncle Russ.
New things he can do:

  • Pratfall.  He pretends to fall down, in hilarious ways, and then over-dramatically shakes it off, with a "Whoa!"
  • Navigate the touch screen on my smart phone.  He knows how to turn it on, pull up the menu, and select a game to play.
  • Drink out of an open cup.  Occasionally, he makes a mess, but that's part of being not-quite-two.
  • Ride his push toys.  He's finally tall enough to make all of them go.  :)
  • Go to bed without a fuss, even for naps.  We still have our difficulties from time to time, but for the most part, Miles is finally sleeping well.
  • Take off his pants.  And then his diaper.  Not exactly a milestone I am celebrating.
Is it any wonder I've been too busy to write? :)

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