Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not to beat a dead horse or anything . . .

But geez, it is hot outside.

Record breaking temperatures all week.

Record breaking heat indices* all week.

During the day, the heat is bad enough to cause power outages because the air conditioners just can't keep up.

And at night?  Usually the place of blessed relief?

It is nearly midnight, and it is still 88 degrees.  And humid enough to feel sticky just by poking your head out the door.  Add in the massive numbers of bugs and it is murderous.

Who do I contact about getting a cold wave through here?

*Grammatical note: indices is the plural form of 'index'.  I hate that the rule for any word ending in x is to change it to a c and add es.  It takes away a lot of the cool factor when you remove the x.  I vote we change this rule.  The rule should be to simply add 'es' to the end.  Way easier to remember, and we get to keep the 'x'.  From now on, you should say 'heat indexes' or refer to the 'appendixes' of a book.**

**Never mind.  Now that I see that written out, it looks dumb.  Let's stick with the old rule.

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  1. "'heat indexes' or refer to the 'appendixes'"...uh yeah i always did. i didnt know there was another rule. ha! on another note there is no need for the letter c i say we get rid of it. we have s and k and they do everything the c tries to do but they do it better. poser