Monday, August 8, 2011

Lessons of Mommyhood

Ah, the things you learn as a Mommy. . .

  1. Bedtime cannot occur without a sippy cup of water to cuddle.  Yes, I have a strange son.
  2. Stroller sitting in the living room = toddler-sized recliner/jungle gym.
  3. Toys will take over your life.  Resistance is futile.
  4. People with young children should never - ever - move into a place with brand new carpeting.  You won't be able to tell after a week, anyway.
  5. Mommy friends are awesome.  Mommy friends who are willing to trade baby-sitting are even better.
  6. Don't look away from your child when he's in the bathtub.  The second you do, you will find him trying to climb out.
  7. No matter how young, in-shape, and healthy you are, chasing a toddler will wear you out.
  8. I am not in shape.
  9. The one day that your toddler chooses to sleep in will be the day that he also set your alarm to wake you at the crack of dawn.
  10. Nothing in the world is cuter than a toddler clad only in a brightly-colored cloth diaper.

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