Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear New Mommas,

First off, I am impressed with your ability to find time to read this.  I would have fallen asleep before I finished the first line.  Or, maybe not, considering all those times I had to sit and rock him to keep him asleep.  I found it's difficult for me to sleep sitting up.  Not impossible, though.

Anyhow, that's not the point.

You know those first few days, when you have nurses tending to everything and all you have to do is sleep and feed and cuddle the baby, and catch up on your soaps?  Enjoy them.  Because they're short-lived.  Soon, all too soon, you get home and your entire life begins to revolve around this tiny person who screams at weird times and yet is so incredibly cute that you can't actually go through with tossing them out the window.  And yes, there will be times that you just wish they would sleep, for goodness sake.  And then, you'll get up and feed them and change them and cuddle them.  And wonder if you were crazy for having a child.  I mean, you were so happy before, when sleep was something you took for granted.  Why, oh why, did you decide to go through the nine months of distorting your body for this?

Here's the answer.  Because you wanted a child.  Not a newborn squealing-machine.  A child.  A little person who looks like you (or doesn't) that you can teach about the world.  Someone who you can love completely, no matter what.  Someone cute, and sweet, and smart.  And trust me - it will come.

One day soon, far sooner than you expect, that little person will appear before your eyes, spouting cute little mis-pronounced phrases, and wrapping little arms around your neck to say "I love you."  And you will look back and wonder where the time went and what happened to that tiny squealing newborn.

Though, if you're honest with yourself, you may not want to go back to it.  Because this is so much better.

It gets better.  Promise.

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