Thursday, April 5, 2012

Morning Snuggles

About a month ago, Miles learned how to open doors.  And our lives changed dramatically overnight.  No more bathroom privacy.  No more leaving the front door unlocked - ever - unless we particularly feel like chasing a naked toddler down the street.  No more allowing him to roam, knowing that all dangerous things were behind closed doors.  But, most importantly, no more quiet playtime in the mornings.

See, for months now, Miles would wake up in the morning and play quietly in his room until one of us went to get him - this meant an extra 20-30 minutes of sleep most days, and sometimes even time for a cup of coffee.  That all ended with his new skill.

Instead, he now opens his door and comes padding softly across the hall, peeks his head in the room and says, "Mom-mom? Daddy?" in his adorably sleepy voice, and crawls into bed between us.  He snuggles quietly, playing with whatever electronic device Mommy can reach without opening her eyes, and the three of us lay there in peaceful* drowsy bliss for a little while.

I think I can be okay with this.

*Peaceful, so long as you like the sound of Queen's "We Will Rock You" on YouTube first thing in the morning.  Me, I don't mind so much, but then, I'm not having to look at Sweaty McGreasy belting it out with badly-dubbed sound making him look even more ridiculous.  I'm pretty sure that sight at 7:00 am might induce vomiting.  Thank God I only have to listen to it, since, well, I'm only marginally 'awake' for most of it.

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