Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Playground Mamas,

You seem nice.  Really.  And I get that you're lonely.  You've been alone with your little darlings all day, and you just want some adult conversation.  I get it.  My kid is cute as kittens and is so personable that you just have to comment on him.  I appreciate it.  Reall, really.

But please, for the love of all that is holy, leave me be.

If I only respond with two-word phrases, please, please take the hint.  I, too, have been alone with my little darling all day.  But whereas you are seeking out conversation, I really am trying to avoid it.  See, when I come to the park, I can sit and keep half an eye on my kid as he wears himself out.  Meanwhile, I can maybe finish a crossword puzzle, or just stare at the sky.  For twenty minutes, no one needs me.  No one is tugging at my pant leg.  No one is climbing me.  No one is begging me for ice cream, or popsicles, or anything else.  For twenty whole minutes, I can think a complete thought and simply soak up the sunshine.

Maybe tomorrow I'll want to talk.  For now, unless my kid is hurting yours, please, please just leave me alone.

A Mama Searching for Quiet

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