Friday, April 27, 2012

Hitting Our Stride

I can't lie - this stay-at-home mom gig doesn't come easy to me.  I get bored easily when Miles is playing independently, but if I leave the room to do something productive, it usually ends in disaster.  So, I end up sitting here in my chair goofing on the computer, and keeping half an eye on him.  Which makes me seem unapproachable, and honestly, leads to me being somewhat less. . .involved with my child.

I always pictured my days like a mini-preschool, only cooler.  We'd get up and have breakfast, do some awesome learning stuff all morning, play outside, nap, have snack, do art projects, and generally just be awesome.

In reality, it's more like barely-contained chaos.  We get up, whine through breakfast (me as much as him), and I sit in my chair gulping coffee until I feel human while Miles watches PBS.  We go out.  Or we stay in.  We play.  We work on colors or letters or whatever he's interested in while we play.  Art projects rarely happen, because that would require him to sit still for five minutes.  We kinda do whatever seems like a good idea at the time.  There is little planning-ahead.  Each day, we focus on what we're going to do right now.  We get through the day, and if we're both still happy when Daddy gets home from work, it's a good day.

And finally, finally, I'm realizing that this is better than what I pictured.  Most of the time. :)

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