Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Technology Tuesday

That's what I've decided today is.

I had planned to go to the gym today.  Miles was dressed, I was in my sweats, my tennis shoes were laced up. I was just doing a load of laundry and dishes before we left.

And out of the clear blue sky, a crash of thunder rumbled through the house and brought Miles screaming into the kitchen for a hug.  We talked about rain, and thunder.  We ate popsicles on the kitchen floor.  We opened the front door and watched the rain.

And then, we broke out the electronic devices and started playing.  Miles is watching videos of himself on my phone while I blog, and prepare for rehearsals, and generally, just re-connect with e-life.  And when we're done with this, we might we just find some Veggie Tales or Super Why on Netflix.  Or go for a car ride.  Who knows.  On a quiet, rainy day like today, all bets are off.

One thing is certain, though: it's bound to be a quiet day.

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