Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's Compare. . .

Yesterday (Mother's Day):

Woke up late to a completely silent house.  My boys didn't return until noon.  I celebrated by staying in my jammies watching Netflix and crocheting.  When they returned, Miles was bearing a bouquet of beautiful, multi-colored roses that he had picked out himself for "Mom-meee".  Patrick carried the supplies to make me stir-fry from scratch - my fave.  I loafed all day, playing with my son off and on.  At one point, Miles asked if we could watch Star Trek, and then Myth Busters.  We ended the day with ice cream.

Today (Monday):

Woke up early to a toddler crawling all over me and coughing in my face.  Got up, got us both dressed, made coffee, packed a lunch and his other supplies, wrestled him into his shoes and dropped him at daycare.  Returned home long enough to pick up our cat (who had been vomiting all weekend, for no apparent reason) and took her to the vet.  Spent an hour with the vet only to find out that she needed surgery to remove a blockage from her intestine.  Apparently, Nikko likes to eat tulle.  Left her at the vet, and returned home to wait for instruction on dealing with our new car, which we had dropped at the mechanic for inspection.  Nearly had a panic attack trying to figure out how to deal with everything I needed to do.  Texted Aunt Ninell and asked if she could pick up Miles from daycare.  Made homemade salsa to calm my nerves.  Aunt Ninell showed up to pick up the carseat and whisked me away to lunch (because I probably would have forgotten to eat otherwise).  She dropped me at home, and I went to deposit a check to (somewhat, hopefully) help cover the cost of cat-surgery.  Got home and got out of the car, got word that our new car was ready for pick-up, got back in the car, picked up Patrick, picked up new car.  Drove home.  Tidied the living room before collapsing in my chair to deal with e-life for a few minutes, with mindless television playing in the background.  Went to pick up the cat, who had (thankfully) made it through surgery just fine.  Brought her home and got her settled, texted Aunt Ninell that we were ready for Miles.  Stacey and Patrick got home from work.  Miles got home.  Talked with Aunt Ninell briefly about various logistics.  Eventually got around to having a dinner of leftovers.  Fretted over the fact that Miles barely ate.  Collapsed in the chair while the boys went to the park.  Put Miles to bed.  Crawled into my own bed, and wrote a blog entry.  The end.

I like yesterday better. . .

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