Sunday, May 20, 2012

Words of Wisdom from the Two-Year-Old

Miles is really talking up a storm lately.  Here are some recent gems:

  • "Hey! Careful wit dat!"
  • "Don't touch! Is hot!" (in reference to a toy truck he was playing with)
  • "What are you talkin' bout?"
  • (After being told that Daddy went to work on an airplane) "Daddy work plane?  Den Daddy work train tracks?!?"
  • [Throws hands in air] "Ta-daaaa!"
  • "Mom-meee take-a shower?  Mom-mee no more stinky?" [Thanks, kid. . .]
  • "Baby J jump in sky and a rainbow!" [. . .I have no idea. . .]
  • "Mom-meee pee in pot, get candy.  Miles no pee in pot. Get candy!"
  • "Choc-wat! An' pon-e-gwan-et!" [Chocolate & Pomegranate]
  • "Babies and Babies (his dolls) play!  Babies and Babies hugs and kisses!  Babies and Babies nigh-night. Babies and Babies FIGHT!!!"
  • [Upon being told that he was going to school on Wednesday]: "Uh-uh, Mommy.  No schoo.  Monkey Bizness?  Go see animals?  Lunch wif Granpa?"
  • "I count dem.  Wun. Tooo. Twee. Fo-our. Five. Six. Seben. Ayyy. Nine. Ten. Weben. Twel. Firteen. Fourtee. Fourtee.  Fourtee.  Fourtee.  Fourtee!"
  • "Mom-mee, no more sing.  All done."
  • "Uh-uh Mommeee.  No dance."
  • "Mommee seep in bed?  Nigh-night.  Bye!"  [Closes door and runs away to do something he's not supposed to]
  • "Babee fight wit sword and shield and ride deh horses!"
  • "Grampa stressed."
  • "Lub ooo, Mom-mee!" [Best! Thing! Ever!]

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