Friday, May 18, 2012

Our morning. . . so far

Miles woke at 6:30 - a full hour earlier than usual.  After fighting sleep until after 10:00 last night, and waking at 12:30 from a coughing fit.

By 7:00, he was begging me for juice, which he then chugged.  Then puked all down my back.*

By 7:30, I had finally gotten him calmed back down enough that I could clean up the puke.

At 8:00, I got to pee.

At 8:30, I got to sneak a cup of coffee while Miles was busy munching a popsicle.

It's now 9:00 and he is running around stark naked because he refuses to wear a diaper.

This could be a looooooong day. . . .

*Don't worry, it's not an illness.  He has done this since he was a newborn.  He drinks too fast, and it all comes right back up.

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