Saturday, June 9, 2012

Super Mommy? Not anymore.

This is how my past week has gone:

Sat-Sun, June 2-3: Special Olympics in Wichita.  10+ hours of handing out prizes to happy athletes, followed by dinner with family, and massive-huge family lunch on Sunday.  Total drive time: 7ish hours.
Mon, June 4: Miles spent the day with Ninell, while I finished up tons of last-minute stuff, and prepared for a friend's surprise birthday party.
Tue: Get up, drive Miles the 20 minutes to B's house, drive the 30 minutes to work, 7ish hours of work, over an hour drive time back to B's to pick up Miles, dinner, etc with the family.
Wed: 14+ hours of work, including over 2 hrs of drive time.
Thur: 8+ hours of work, quick dinner, various life stuff dealt with.  Finally went to bed after midnight.
Fri: My niece was born at 7:03 am, so Miles and I drove to Wichita, visited with Dad & Grandpa, had dinner with Mom and the in-laws, and drove back.  Arrival home: 10:25 pm.
Sat: Kancheskera rehearsal.  Touch-a-Truck promotional event.  Brought Miles & Patrick along so they could enjoy, as well.  By the end of the event, Miles was overwhelmed, over-tired, and mildly sun-sick.

So, I sent Maestro my resignation letter.  I am now a full-time, stay-at-home mom.  No more juggling.  No more missing out on entire days of my son's life.  No more driving myself mad trying to do everything for everyone.  It's over.

For now.


  1. Quitting does not mean you suddenly are not a "super mommy" anymore. It means you are placing your son first and that makes you an awesome mommy. I am very happy for you both (and Patrick too I suppose ;)

  2. Like Bee says...quitting your job does not make you less of a my eyes it makes you more of a super mom than ever before...