Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Growing up, I spent a lot of time learning about appropriate topics of conversation.  I learned that the following things are inappropriate to talk about:

  • Bodily functions
  • Illnesses
  • Scars, scabs, and other 'owies'
  • Money
Now that I'm a mom, I get to talk about all of these things fairly regularly.Within the past few days, I have openly discussed:
  • The size, shape, and frequency of an infant's bowel movements
  • The consistency of a preschooler's recent vomit
  • My depression and anxiety
  • The healing process of a head wound
  • Money
Yeah.  Apparently, no topic is off limits anymore. . .


  1. Ooooh, oooh! Don't forget talking about your breasts ("are you breastfeeding? why not?") and you sex life with your husband ("are you planning to have more? why not? how are you going to prevent it? why?").

    I am sure there are others. Um.

  2. There is soooo much that is NOT off limits these can make dining...or just plain talking....very uncomfortable!!!

  3. I really have no filter for what I talk about. If others are offended by it, that's really not my problem. I shouldn't have to censor myself just because others may be offended. I won't use profanity around kids, but other than that, I talk about pretty much anything. I've had people speak up and say 'we don't need to know what your daughter's poop looks like,' to which I reply, 'then don't listen.' I think it's silly to censor ourselves because others may be offended or embarrassed by whatever is said. Perhaps, this is why people tell me to shush so much. Lol