Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One of those days. . .

The past 29 hours or so have been a little . . . interesting.

Yesterday, we met up with Bethany and J to go to the children's farm.  I would post pictures, except we weren't there long enough to get any.  Apparently, every school in the greater KC area decided to take a field trip there yesterday.  The sidewalks were so crowded, we literally could not get the wagon through.  We made a valiant attempt, but ultimately, it was way too stressful for all of us.  Bethany and I made the executive decision to take the kids to McDonald's instead.

Except, apparently, there are no McDonald's with play places in the area.

We ended up driving to two different ones, both of which said they had play areas on the website.  Neither did.  But, the boys were hungry and Samantha had been screaming since I put her in the car.  We ate outside in the shade, and Miles and J made the best of it.  They chased each other around the patio, laughing and giggling.  And for a moment, I was able to breathe and enjoy the moment.

And then Miles took my wallet out of my purse, scattering my coupons to the four winds.  Sigh.

Nap was late and hard-won.  The evening was long.  Bedtime was late.  Then, at 5:00 am, Miles crawled into our bed, and promptly puked all over me.

He's better, now, napping peacefully, and hasn't vomited in several hours (fingers crossed).

Here's hoping for a few boring days to balance things out.


  1. Indeed, here is hoping for cabbages.

    ...who "love"d this story?!?

  2. Puke - EW. I don't deal well with puke. I'm sorry you had a sick boy :(

    It could be someone "love"ed how the article was written? Or clicked the wrong box on accident and you can't unclick it?

    Despite the craziness of Tue I wouldn't trade it - I loved seeing the boys run around with J trying so valiantly (and still failing) to keep up with big cousin Miles :) He did have fun!

    But the puke, yeah, you could definitely trade that. Bleh.

  3. I loved this story!! Because I love hearing every little thing about my grandbabies - even the sad and sick parts of their little lives...and I love how their mommy keeps us informed about all of it. It almost feels that we aren't quite so far away....

    But I don't really love all the sick...and all the bad luck....just love the babies....and their parents :)