Friday, May 17, 2013

Sibling Love

The entire time I was pregnant, it seemed like I was worried about something.  Okay, truth be told, I was worried about LOTS of somethings, but one thing worried me more than all the other stuff combined:  How would this baby affect Miles?  Would I lose some of that special bond I had with my little buddy?  Would he feel rejected or forgotten?  Would he like the baby, or would he wish she would just go away?  His entire life, he had been our entire world.  Everything revolved around his needs.  I knew that a baby would change all of that, and I worried about how he would feel.

I needn't have worried.

This is a daily and nightly ritual.  Every day - multiple times a day - Miles asks, "I hold my baby?"  And he sits and cuddles her, kisses her forehead, and pats her tummy.  If she fusses, he holds her tighter and reassures her, "Is okay, Baby. Is okay."

And even when he's not holding her, he keeps an eye on her.  Every morning, he comes into our room and his first question is, "Where's Baby Samanta?"*  Throughout the day, if she starts fussing, Miles is right there, offering her a pacifier and shouting, "Mommy! Baby is crying!"  He holds her hand while we watch TV, and will stop to rub her hair while he's playing.

In short, he adores her.  And the feeling is completely mutual.

When Samantha hears Miles' voice, her head immediately turns to find him, her eyes searching him out.  Once she finds him, she watches him, wide-eyed and calm.  When she's fussy, Miles can often calm her before I even get to her.  If he's sitting nearby, she reaches for him, and when he grabs her hand, her entire body relaxes, content in the knowledge of Big Brother's love.

I love these two.

*I absolutely love how he says her name. <3

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  1. Love the pictures! I am so glad they are already best buddies! Love you all!!