Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dinosaur Blues

Did I mention I have awesome in-laws? I do.

My sister-in-law, Katie, has been buying books for Miles since he was born. Actually, I think she started even before that. But, it's really no surprise, considering she's a librarian. The great thing is, she has great taste in literature.

For months, we have been receiving board books by an author named Sandra Boynton. I'd seen her stuff once or twice, but I never realized how much I loved her until we had our own collection to read to Miles. And now, I love her even more. Why?

Because she wrote "Philadelphia Chickens".

Last weekend, Katie brought us several books for Miles, all by Sandra Boynton. All of them are books of silly songs, complete with CD's of the music - all of which are jazzy, bluesy sort of tunes. I LOVE them! In fact, I love them so much that we've listened to them all week long. Thank goodness Miles loves them, too - he likes to shake his head to the music. :)

And here's the weird part: I used to listen to the "Philadelphia Chickens" CD with a little boy that I nannied for. I had no idea that there was a book. I had no idea that Sandra Boynton was in any way related to it. I loved the CD and the author separately, never realizing that they were connected. I looked and looked for that CD for years, at every used book store I could find. But given that the only thing I could remember about it was that it had a bunch of silly, jazzy songs on it, and that one of them talked about "Remarkable Cows" and another was about "Dinosaur Blues", I could never find it.*

And then, years later, when I have a child of my own, this book and CD make their way back to me. I'm not sure what kind of Fate helps you find good children's music, but whatever it is, I like it.

Now, could you help me remember the title of that book with the Daddy cuddling a little baby on the cover?

*For whatever reason, it never occurred to me to just Google it. I'm smart sometimes. :)

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