Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Independent Play

The best thing about Miles learning to crawl? He's suddenly discovered that whole "independent play" idea.

Now that he's mobile and can pull up on any piece of furniture that's the right height, he zooms around the apartment, stopping here and there to play with a toy, or pull on the curtains. Or cruise furniture at a rapid speed.

He still likes playing with Mommy (and Daddy), but he's totally content to play all by himself for up to a half hour at a time, squealing with delight at each new discovery.

I thought this newfound freedom would allow me to get more done around the house. I mean, if he's playing, I can go do the dishes or a load of laundry, right?


Because leaving the room for even a second is like handing him an invitation to find the one thing he's not supposed to have and eat it. Or throw it on the floor and stomp on it. Or crush it between his little fingers. Destruction follows this kid like a shadow,* only closer.

The other day, I was picking his toys up off of the floor and looked up. He had pulled himself up on a table and was busily pulling all of his baptism announcements off onto the floor. Where he was delighting in stepping all over them, repeatedly.** I quickly abandoned the riot of toys on the floor, and ran over to pick up the announcements before they were completely destroyed. I got them all picked up and smoothed out and put out of reach, only to turn around to see him holding half of a coupon. Upon closer inspection, he was busily chewing on the other half. So I scooped it out of his mouth and ran it to the trash can. I came back to see him flinging all of the toys I had just put away all over the floor.


I guess the reality is, I am getting a lot more done in a day. But Miles is creating most of the work. :)

*I guess everyone needs a hobby. :)

**Yes, those are coming. I promise.

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