Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long Week . . .

I tried to write a sunshine and rainbows post. I really did. Because I am blessed in so many ways.

But, even so, this week sucked. A lot.

Start with the fact that Patrick was out of town all week.* Mix in a healthy helping of Festival drama. Add a pinch of hysterics over the Frankie and Johnny show. Plus all of the normal demands of working and keeping up with a very active little boy.

By Friday, I was literally in tears - tears of frustration and pure disappointment at how things were going. As I said to Maestro several times: everything this week just felt harder than it should have been. Meetings that should have taken fifteen or twenty minutes turned into hours-long marathons of arguing points that had already been decided. Frankie and Johnny had to be entirely re-blocked to be performed inside instead of outside, three days before it was to be performed. Helping a friend with living arrangements that should have been easily dealt has taken all week, with nothing entirely decided yet. Even Miles decided that he had to fight sleep at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, Patrick was dealing with his own situation that turned out to be harder than it should have been. Originally, his trip was supposed to last two days. By Wednesday, it was obvious that they wouldn't be finished in time, so their stay was extended to Thursday evening. Then late Thursday night. Then Friday afternoon. Patrick finally returned to town at 6:30 pm on Friday - a half an hour after my dress rehearsal began. I would never have gotten to see him, except for the fact that he's amazing and brought me dinner.**

Today was the exception to the rule. I woke up early and went garage sale-ing with some amazingly beautiful women, had lunch with some wonderful friends, and spent a wonderful evening entertaining a house full of people. I have to say, being a (too) pious church woman can be a lot of fun, if you know how to play with it. :)

I am merely hoping that today is the beginning of a new trend - one in which things do not turn out to be twice as difficult as they should be. And if not, I'm afraid you'll know me when you see me: I'll be the woman who is missing patches of hair, because I pulled it all out. :)

*Yes, again. Third time in a month. Ugh.

**Besides, he needed the van keys - which I had at rehearsal. Oops.

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