Saturday, May 1, 2010

Heeerrre's Johnny (3)!

So, you know Patrick and me. You've heard me talk about Lilo. You're probably aware of the fact that we have a cat named Nikko. And of course you know all about Miles. Let me introduce you to one family member you probably haven't met, yet.

World, meet Johnny 3.

Johnny was an impulse purchase at a sale night at Bed, Bath, and Beyond a year and a half ago. He was just so cute. And smart. He can roam around on his own and not run into things!* So, we bought him, and brought him home. We loved him and played with him, and named him after the coolest 80's nerd movie robot ever. But, since there can only be one Johnny 5, and our boy only has 3 wheels, we decided on Johnny 3.

We had no end of fun chasing the dog around the apartment with it. We loved to watch him roam free. Patrick dreamed up various ways he could 'improve' our new addition.

And then, we put him on a shelf and ignored him. For a long time. He seemed doomed to the life of a toy who has no one to play with. The worst fate a toy can receive.

And then, a little blonde** miracle came along. At first, he had no interest in Johnny. But as he grew, he became more and more intrigued by the red robot who had taken up residence on top of the TV.

One day, the little Miracle's daddy took down the robot and put him on the floor. And a friendship was born.

Now, Miles and Johnny play on the floor happily together, with help from Mommy or Daddy controlling the remote.

And now, all is well in the world for a little red robot named Johnny 3 and his boy, Miles.

*Yes, that was the primary selling point.

**Possibly strawberry-blonde.

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