Friday, May 28, 2010


So I was wrong.* Apparently, I have one photo of Miles from the day of his Baptism. In his adorable little suit.

He is SO stinkin' cute that I almost want to dress him in suits everyday. If it weren't so warm, I probably would.

Oh, and if I could count on the fact that he wouldn't ruin it.

Also, might I point out that his hair is finally showing up in photographs. And that it now appears to have a slightly reddish tint in photographs. I'm honestly a little excited to find out what color it will be when he has a full head of hair. Until then, though, I will continue to speculate that it might be red. Ish.

So, I feel it's time for a random topic change. Because, ya' know, that's just how I am. And besides, I haven't quite had enough coffee to be coherent, yet.

Anyhow, speaking of warm weather,** I'm very excited about taking my boy swimming for the first time. Now, if only I could get the stars to align just right, I might be able to have everything in one place at one time on a warm enough day that I could take him swimming. And if I'm even luckier, he may even be in a good enough mood to go.

Seriously, I had forgotten what an undertaking it is to go swimming. I mean, you have to locate your towel and suit (and hope the suit still fits right, and didn't mysteriously shrink over the winter). You have to slather on the SPF 45 at least thirty minutes before going out. You have to have eaten at approximately the same time as you are putting on sunscreen, so as not to get those infamous Old-Wives-Tale cramps.*** And that's all before you leave the house.

And with a baby, it's even harder. First, you have to find the baby-sized swim suit. I thought this would be easier, given that I have a little boy, but apparently, swim shirts aren't just for girls anymore. And with a baby whose skin is fairer than mine, if that's possible, covering him up is just a wise decision.**** Then, you have to find the sunscreen. Only, with a tiny bit of research, I found that I really should be buying a specific type of sunblock. Reasons abound, but I get confused, and simply remember brand names that are supposed to be better for babies. But now that means that I have to go buy special sunblock for my baby. And swim diapers. Which, somehow, do not exist on the shelves of three different stores that I've been to this week. Once I have the baby dressed, diapered, and sunblocked (which, hopefully, will happen someday), I have to feed him. And get myself ready. And most importantly, I have to get him to the pool. Before he falls asleep from the exhaustion of getting ready to go swimming.

Excuse me, please. I'm about to have a Highly Dramatic Moment. You don't have to watch if you don't want to. Here goes. . .

Why?!? Why does it have to be so hard?!? I just want to take my baby swimming! I think he'll LOVE it, if we can ever make it. Ugh. Life sucks sometimes. :P

Okay. Moment over. You can look again. Sorry. I apparently have spent too much time around Maestro. I now have Angst.

And randomivity. I think it's time to go get more coffee.

Have an awesomely wonderful weekend!

*Yes, it happens on occasion. But I will deny it if you ask me later. :)

**I did - up there where I said it was "too warm" for him to wear suits everyday. :)

***Sure, we all know it's an old wives' tale, but who wants to risk it?

****Can you imagine an 8-month-old with sunburn? NO fun. :(

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