Saturday, May 21, 2011

Battles & Blessings


  • Trying to keep up on the housework.  It's just so easy to let it slide.
  • Evening tantrums from Miles.  Not exactly sure why.
  • Not really much else.  It has been a good week. :)


  • Things are beginning to click.  I haven't had a real, full-on panic attack all week.  I have had a few close calls, where I could feel them coming, but I was able to ward off the worst of them.  I spent those days with an edge of panic, but no full-blown paralyzing attacks.
  • Lots of fun outings with my son.  And none of them ended in tantrums.
  • A huge increase in Miles' attempts to communicate.  He is starting to figure out how to get my attention and 'use his words', and he is becoming so much more patient with me as I figure out what he needs.
  • Friends who have kept me sane and busy this week.
  • An afternoon to myself, and an evening alone with my hubby.  All thanks to the wonderful Aunt Ninell. Love her.
  • The prospect of another fun rehearsal with my kiddos today, followed by a nice, quiet weekend with my family. <content sigh>

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