Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glorious Weekend

Shopping garage sales with my hubby, giddy with the knowledge that we were alone together.

Dinner and dessert with B and Stacey at Cheesecake Factory, then wandering the bookstore until it closed, mostly just chatting.

Taking Miles to the farmer's market, and reveling in the compliments from strangers on how cute he was in his little overalls.

Long, glorious naps in the middle of the day.

Stir fry made with veggies fresh from the market.

Exploring a local park, and watching Miles' delight when he saw the "Duck! Cack! Cack!" on the lake (even though it was actually a goose).

A quiet, lazy Monday, that ended with delicious steaks marinated with a sauce I designed on the fly.

Sunshine, and cool breezes.  Long walks, and holding hands with my hubby, and the joy of toddler giggles.


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