Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Should I Have Used the Emergency Number, Maybe?

Hello?  Police?  I need to report a crime.  My toddler was attacked.  He has a bruise on his back, and a rash under his chin.  Plus, he's been ridiculously irritable.  And I think it got me, too.  I'm sore all over, and my head is pounding.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure it got me good.

I'm sorry?  Did I see who was responsible?  Of course.  It was long, and lean, angry, and vengeful.  It's uglier than sin, and  I'm pretty sure it's responsible for a ton of crimes.  If you can just catch it and incarcerate it, I'm sure the world would be a safer place.  A monster like that shouldn't be allowed to roam the streets.

What's that?  Was it male or female?!?  How should I know?  It's Tuesday.  Since when do days of the week have a gender?!?

. . . . hello?. . .officer?

Damn.  Not again.

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