Saturday, May 28, 2011

Battles & Blessings

  • Monday.  All of it.
  • Panic sucks.
  • Tornado sirens induce panic.
  • I have heard the tornado sirens far more this week than I usually do in an entire summer. 
  • Exhaustion.  Partially brought on by anxiety-induced insomnia.  And partially because I was just dumb and stayed up too late.
  • Leaving Miles all day Thursday and Friday.  He did fine.  I did. . . less than fine.
  • Stressful office environment.  Thus, the lack of Miles.
  • None of my friends or family were affected by severe weather in any significant way.
  • A basement to hide in when the sirens go off.  
  • A son who is trusting and well-behaved, even when he doesn't understand what's going on.
  • Time to read.  Even if I carved it out of my sleep time.
  • Time with my hubby this morning.
  • Time out with the girls tonight.
  • Chai tea
  • Friends and family who step in to help with Miles whenever I ask.
  • An opportunity to dress nicely for work.  Not something I usually bother with, when I take Miles along.
  • A picnic dinner in the park with my family.  Bliss.
  • An incredibly productive two days at the office.

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