Friday, December 16, 2011


As much I adore my job and live for the moments when I fix a problem for a performer, or hear an audience applauding a show I have helped direct, I am loving my vacation.  And the thing is, I'm even loving the mornings.*

Miles wakes late - around 8:30 most mornings - and then plays quietly in his room for up to half an hour.  Eventually, I hear "Mom-mom? Come."  And that's my cue to join him.  We play for a few minutes, then get dressed, brush teeth and so on, and then head downstairs for breakfast.

That's when my favorite part happens.

I get my coffee, and Miles gets his milk and breakfast, and we cuddle in the recliner together and watch Sesame Street.  We talk about the letters and numbers.  He exclaims every time he sees "Emm-oh!" [Elmo]  I giggle with him at the celebrities acting so silly.  And we spend an hour quietly learning and enjoying together.

And it is blissful.

*Well, once I can drag my behind out of bed.

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