Saturday, December 17, 2011

Today is Moving Day!

I expect to:

  • Carry lots of heavy things, most likely injuring myself in the process.  I always seem to.
  • Feed lots of people who help carry heavy things.
  • Gripe about the amount of junk we have managed to acquire in a year.
  • Re-arrange each room at least twice.
  • Begin cursing the odd layout that I love so much about our new place.
  • Sigh heavily.  And often.
On the bright side, I do not expect to:
  • Carry the heaviest things.  People usually push me away from those, on account of me hurting myself.
  • Spend a whole light of time cooking.  Crock pots and frozen dinners are my friends.
  • Keep much of the junk.
  • Have to re-arrange each room more than twice.
  • Hate the layout after the major moving is done.
  • Finish everything in a day.  We have two weeks to deal with the rest. :)

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