Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daily Schedule - 28 months old

7:45 - Miles wakes up, screaming "Mooooom-moooom! Come!"  I drag myself out of bed to help him before he tears down the door.  Breakfast immediately, to the sound of screaming or whining, depending on his mood.
8:00 - Turn on television to PBS for Super Why.  I finally get to use the bathroom and brush my teeth.
8:30 - Get Miles dressed, ready for the day.  He fights every step.
9:15 - Get everything else ready for the day, including me.
9:30 - Out the door to do something - go to the gym, playground, whatever to wear him out.  If I am done fighting him, we put in a movie.
11:00 - Home, lunch, quiet playtime in his bedroom.
12:00ish - Nap.  Usually for both of us.
2:00ish - Get up, snack, try to find something to keep him busy for the rest of the afternoon.  Art projects, playing swords, putting together train tracks, building with legos, etc.
5:00ish - Begin getting dinner ready.  I usually have to turn the television on to accomplish this.
5:45ish - Shovel in dinner before Miles starts screaming and whining because he wants us to play with him.
6:00 - 8:30 - Patrick, Stacey, and I tag-team Miles, trying to keep him busy.
8:30ish - Begin bedtime prep.  Bath, if necessary.
9:00ish - Bedtime.
9:45 - Miles is finally asleep enough for me to relax.  I turn on HGTV and crochet, trying to regain sanity.
11:00ish - Go to bed.  Toss and turn for 1-3 hours (or more) before finally falling asleep.  Have weird dreams all night that prevent a truly refreshing rest.
Repeat. Ad Nauseum.

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