Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog's Day

Remember that oh-so-cheesy 90's movie Groundhog's Day?  The one where Bill Murray repeats the same day over and over again.

Yeah, I've been feeling that lately.

Get up, get screamed at by two-year-old, make breakfast, chug coffee, Super Why, play on the bed, play in the room, snack, play on the bed, play in the room, lunch, nap, repeat.  Every day.

And, like Bill,* I keep trying to do things a little differently each day, trying to switch it up a tad, but in the end, I'm still stuck in a rut.  I miss working, and having a place where I am needed to do more than simply watch someone play with trains.**  I've taken on myriad crafts lately, but indulging in them while Miles is awake never ends well.  I do laundry (goodness, the endlessness of laundry).  I clean the kitchen (goodness, the endlessness of dirty dishes).  I pick up toys (goodness, the. . . you get the idea).  Day in and day out, waiting for a change.

Anyone else feeling the rut?  What do you do to change things up?

*Don't you just love how Bill and I are on a first name basis.  Yeah.  We're like this.  (Where this is two people who have never met.)

**If I try to play with him, I get a sharp, firm, "Uh-uh, 'top it, Mom-mom."

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