Sunday, January 29, 2012


So, I feel like we're finally more-or-less moved into our duplex.  Finally.  And I'm going to continue to ignore that pile of boxes in the garage that suggests otherwise.  Because, at long last, we have a craft room set up.  It small(ish), and in the unfinished portion of our basement, but you know what?  It's a craft room! In my home!!! So, yeah, garage boxes be darned.  We are moved in.  And I have been putting that craft room to use fairly regularly.

First, I made this onesie for my tiny little niece, Anikah:

This made a perfect gift for her baptism. Especially because it's so true!

And that turned out so well that I made shirts for all of my sister's kids:
One for each of the kids - Valin, Liam, Declan, Joseph, and Anikah.

And then decided that Miles needed something:
This is so very true.  And Miles helped with the paint. :)

After awhile, I decided that I had made enough shirts.  I was ready to tackle something else.  Like knitting:

My first sampler.  I've since learned to make neater stitches,
and finish it off better.

I mastered that in about two weeks, and thought, "What the hell, might as well learn to crochet, as well:
The beginnings of a hat.  Probably for Anikah. :)
But, not all of my crochet turned out to be quite so nice, so I found I could make these cute little flowers:
This was an experiment that turned out better than I could have hoped.

And make them into adorable head bands for - you guessed it - Anikah!
Can't wait to see this on her tiny red head. :)

I may be a little excited about my craft room. . .

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