Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Whine

Goodness, but I hate it when Miles is sick.  At first, it's all warm toddler cuddles and tons of sleeping all snuggled together.  And then the worst is over and he becomes impossible.  He loses none of his energy and all of his patience (what little a two-year-old has to begin with).  And worst of all, is The Whine.

I'm not talking about that whiny voice that all toddlers get when they want something.  No, this is more of a long-term, consistent, unending whine every time he opens his mouth.  And half the time without opening his mouth.  Seriously.

This morning, he asked if he could have a cookie.  He had eaten all of his breakfast, so I said yes.  He then proceeded to whine at me for five full minutes because I asked him to keep it in the kitchen - which is the standard rule for all food.

He whines when I ask him a question.  When I change him.  When he's hungry.  When I wipe his nose.  When he wants me to turn the television on (or off).  When I walk more than five feet from him.  When I pack him up to go bye-bye.  When I tell him no, we can't go bye-bye right now.

We're on day eight of The Whine, and Mommy is about to lose it.

[And Mom, before you say it, yes, I remember how whiny I was when I was sick (and the rest of the time, probably).  And I'm sorry.  You are a saint for not strangling me before I was six.]

P.S. Yes, he has been to the doctor.  She says it's a cold.  Nothing more.  Just a wait-it-out sort of thing.


  1. Of course I have to respond now! You were a whiny little thing - and I have bad news for you - you are STILL whiny when you are sick :) All I can say is that one day he will be all grown up and his wife will have to listen to his whine - not you :)
    (I DO feel sorry for Patrick, tho!)

    Love you!!!!

  2. Terrible two's have come with a vengeance... Time to lock him in a cage until he's 3... :)

  3. I've been there and I'm sorry. It will get better, just try to ignore it and tell him you can't understand him when he talks like that. Hopefully he will feel better soon.