Friday, January 27, 2012

30 by 30 Update

  1. Read thirty books off of the list of top 100 banned books. - Two down!  And getting ready to pick up "Brave New World" from the library
  2. Make thirty crafts I have not tried before.  Bonus points if each serves a practical purpose. - Five down.
  3. Choreograph a dance for my children's group.  All by myself. - Maybe this summer. . .
  4. Take 30,000 pictures. (Considering I've taken well over 3,000 since I got my camera in May, this is not necessarily an impractical goal.) - 2,142 pictures taken.  I really need to get on this. . .
  5. Cook or bake 30 dishes I have never made before. - So far, one.  Need to get on this, too.
  6. Watch 30 classic movies I've never seen. - Two down, with three more sitting on the shelf waiting for me.  Just have to find time to watch them.  And not get distracted by HGTV. . .
  7. Learn to knit or crochet. - I taught myself to knit!  Update on this is pending.
  8. Take a dance lesson, or preferably, a dance class. - Not yet.  I am taking yoga, though?  Maybe that counts as really slow dancing?
  9. Take Miles to a new museum/event/activity/experience at least once a month. - so far, so good
  10. Simplify my life by getting rid of things I do not need. - I feel like this is going REALLY well.  I spent yesterday cleaning out our storage room, and ended up with 4 bags of trash, and a box bound for Goodwill.
  11. Organize all of our household paperwork, and keep up on it. Um, yeah. . . Should probably do that. .  .
  12. Start my own business.  Even if it's just selling a few craft items online from time to time. - Done!
  13. Finish illustrating the children's book I wrote in college. - Not even started.
  14. Open a savings account for Miles. - I have the money set aside. Trying to decide on the type of account.
  15. Send birthday cards to everyone in my immediate circle of family/friends for at least one year. - I keep forgetting! Argh!
  16. Take Dominic through obedience classes. Be a good pet owner to my cat, Nikko. - Definitely working on this.
  17. Decide if/when I'm going to go back for my Master's degree, and what I'm going to study. - This seems so unimportant right now.  I may decide against any more formal education, other than a few classes here and there in the future. . .
  18. Audition for a musical. - The opportunity hasn't arisen, yet.
  19. Quit my Festival job and become a full-time stay-at-home mom. Find a better balance between work and mommyhood. - A plan to (hopefully) accomplish this is already in the works.
  20. Compile my music collection into one place. - I have started, but wow, is it random and everwhere.
  21. Get a digital copy of every important photograph I have, and store them in a safe place. - Again, started, but incomplete.
  22. Finish my digital family tree. - Oh.  I had forgotten about this completely. . .
  23. Exercise every single day for at least 30 days. - Started this morning!
  24. Learn at least 30 new signs for use at Special Olympics. - Two down!
  25. Learn to play at least ten new games. - Two down!
  26. Become more involved in the financial planning of our household. - Yes.  Still need to become even more involved.
  27. Set up our wills, and arrange for custody of Miles, should anything unfortunate happen. - Nope.  Haven't even thought about it.
  28. Find a church where my family is comfortable, and become an active member. - Hopefully soon. :(
  29. Participate in a flash mob. - DONE!
  30. Contact at least ten of my teachers from elementary, middle, high school, and college, and tell them how they have influenced my life. - 3 of 10 contacted. :)

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