Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Miles,

Dear Miles,

Ten months. And so much has happened. Such a short amount of time, and yet, long enough for our world to change entirely.

In the past few weeks, so much has changed in our world. Work has become an everyday occurrence, rather than an occasional one. Our weekends have become very hectic and full, where previously they had been rather sedate and low-key. The pace of the Festival has become frenetic and constant, and as a result, I have had much less time to spend playing with you than I would like.

And, of course, Grandma Joy passed away. You barely knew her, but trust me when I tell you that you and she formed a very special bond in her last few days. She adored you. And you were so entirely calm in her presence. I will always look back on those moments and be proud of you.

Life is different, certainly, but as ever, you are taking it all in stride. You start each day by leaning your soft little cheek against mine, a habit you started in your earliest days. You always have a smile for those you know, and a show for those you want to impress. You have started 'cheesing' for people to get attention. You crawl around the office looking for someone you can show off for.

And everyone loves you. When we don't go to the office for a day, I get phone calls asking when you are returning. Uncle Jim says you brighten his day and keep him going - this from someone I had always thought of as a grumpy old man before he met you. Jillian loves to let you steal her glasses from her face. Karla buys you gifts and calls you her boyfriend.

But some days, I think you are most important to your Papo. Even on the worst days, you bring him happiness. On days when nothing seems to be going right, he still looks fondly at you. On days when the stress of it all brings him to tears, you are there, bringing him smiles. And on days when all he wants to do is yell, his voice becomes soft and playful when he speaks to you.

You are, as ever, our sunshine. And we all love you for it. I am so proud to call you mine.

Love, always,

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